Monday, December 3, 2007

The Cupcake Fad Revisited

The other night during a late night ride home on the A, I decided I had a craving for a cupcake. I remembered the way my boss described the decadent little pink-boxed cakes from the quaint pink and brown painted bakery down the street. (hmm...I thought, "if it comes in a pink box, its gotta be expensive.") I didn't let on when a co-working mate offered to buy a couple for the laptop-strapped kin. They were delicious, and yes, they were wheat and gluten-free as I found out when later visiting the Williamsburg bakery, Cheeks.

Like many other yuppies and dare-I-say-it New York transplants, I have found myself interested in the recent cupcake fad. And though I wouldn't pay $3 for a cupcake, I am still fascinated and dually disgusted by this hip trend.

And yes, I am a little late...The NY Times reported on this in 2003, and Gothamist is been there and done that. But everything I've read has had me exhausted from this glorified cupcake praise.

Cupcakes have taken over NYC as "retro-food chic," says a more recent NY Times article. An entire article on cupcakes, can you believe?

Really, I think it's just an obsession of the upper-middle class to indulge in the tea-party lifestyle. The kind where you don't have to work but can still afford to pay $20 bucks for a dozen of your friends to eat buttercream flowers.

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Shut the fuck up.