Sunday, December 2, 2007

Myrtle Ave. Offers Condos for Brooklyn Yuppies

It's easy to be a voyeur when all the new neighbors have glass windows. A few blocks down Myrtle - in both directions - you can sneak a peak into one of several new condos. While most have been bought, there are many vacant residencies, casting a ghostly glow of newly constructed cement and glass on the bustling avenue below. Myrtle ave, also known as Murder ave, where in the mid-90's Busta Rhymes was mugged in the White Castle parking lot - or at least that's what a long-time resident told me late last night in line for the hallmark creamy small burgers.

Now, Myrtle ave. even as far east as Nostrand avenue, is considered prime real estate for the yuppie. Developers are calling the strip "Clinton Hill," a sort of fraudulent advertising tactic so as not to deter buyers from the oh-so-scary neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant (where the properties are actually located).

On the corner of Myrtle and Nostrand, the recently erected "Mynt" condo has its immaculate entrance facing Marcy Playground and offers "refrigerated storage room for grocery deliveries." Who knows why these new residents can't walk, or even drive down the street to the grocery store?

Also, the converted chocolate factory on my corner is advertising a glass enclosed rooftop gym. This building is selling lofts for almost 500,000. Good deal, right? Maybe if you're in that bracket that lets you slide without paying property tax for a while. (more on that later)

The Absolute condo
, west on Myrtle on the corner of Steuben street, is offering all the amenities of the modern day condo, not to mention White Castle is just next door. In The Developers Group ad there is mention of a "walk through an eclectic neighborhood to Fort Greene Park" - where, it isn't said, but you could get away from the people of color and young artsy Pratt students (you know, just in case, wink* wink*)

Neighbors, be ware!

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The Acorn King said...

Ha, I used to live right around the corner from here in Taaffe Lofts. Check my blog, I have a couple postings on the area too: